ADRIAFER Ltd. is a company established by the Port Authority of Trieste and is 100% under its ownership.
It started its business in 2004 with the Concession of the Trieste Port Authority, providing general interest port movement services.
ADRIAFER Ltd. therefore provides railway movement inside the port of Trieste, through a “synergistic” organization with railway carriers, with MTO and Port Terminal Operators.
ADRIAFER Ltd. performs movement of arriving and departing trains at Treiste Campo Marzio on behalf of railway companies. From January 11th, 2016, with the task requested by the railway companies, it began operations as Sole Manager of the shunting activities for PNF.
Adriafer has operated movement services for railway businesses in Coastal Deposit Terminals since February 22, 2016.
From May 16, 2016, makes maneuver at Trieste Interporto, connected with Villa Opicina Station.
Adriafer Srl is the holder of the AEO Authorization n. IT AEOF 19 1617, issued by the Agenzia delle Dogane and the Monopoli Direzione Centrale Dogane.

ADRIAFER Ltd. is a limited liability company with a sole managing director and a statutory auditor.
The current managing director as of January 8, 2015 is Mr. Giuseppe Casini.
The statutory auditor is Rag. Piero Colavitti.

ADRIAFER Ltd. avails itself of speciliazed and railway certifed operators in conducting its business.
The company workforce is composed of 93 subjects.

ADRIAFER Ltd. has also:

  • 5 Henschel Diesel Locomotives mod. DGH 700
  • 1 Locomotive V100
  • 2 Zephir Diesel Lok Locomotives
  • 2 Siemens Vectron E193 Locomotive – for rent
  • 1 Siemens Vectron E191 Locomotive – for rent
  • 1 Diesel Locomotive D100 - for rent

ADRIAFER Ltd. is a n. 65 railway business licence holder, issued on February 3rd, 2014 by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and it has obtained the security certificate at ANSF n. IT1020200003 on January 30th 2020